We are a young, innovative technology company ready to meet your expectations.

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From 0 - 100 faster

We help Software Development companies kick start projects by providing them with a minimal but functional web based applications which can also be used as an api to allow external services such as mobile apps or clients who want to communicate with your database.


User Experience Focused

We also provide client focused and we provide solutions which can be fully fledged mobile, desktop and web apps.


Operational Data Store and Data Warehousing

Used for operational data reporting Complimentary element and Source of data for the enterprise data warehouse. It is the source of decision support land scape. Takes transactional data from one or multiple data systems an integrates it without the unpredictability constraints. The integration of data often includes cleaning and avoiding data redundancy and checking against business rules for integrity.

Our projects

We are dedicated to building reliable software for our clients.

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Atlas Maps

With traffic being our everyday live we need to rely on navigation software to get to where we are going safely and efficiently, Atlas attempts to take that a step further by providing road users with better insight through traffic images and incidident reporting.


We've also co-developed the ScoreCapture Golf Management System in partneship with ScoreCapture and EOH. Products includes a website application and a mobile app which supports both Android and iOS.



This is a tool built for developers to help fast track repetive tasks when starting a new project. This includes creating basic crud functionality, logging in and registering, account recovery and a front end which will allow basic data capturing with limitted logic.


ESG System

Our Environmental, Social and Governance system allows investors make the right decisions before investing in a company. We do this by providing a set of predefined questions which users can answer and then output a report of the findings.


Church Life

An app built to digitize churches. We allow churches and users to share content such as images, audio and videos. Other features include daily bible verses, saving service notes and discussions. Users of the app will also be able to donate and make purchases.

Who we are, what we do and why...

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We live in an information age and a world where most things are technology based. Technova Technology Solutions is one of the organization that has identified a need and an opportunity to bridge the gap, and ensure that Africa becomes a global touch stone within the ICT and Telecommunications sector, by providing solutions and services that are of good quality yet affordable and satisfactory to our clients and the industries we serve. We have established processes and frameworks that enable us to achieve our objective.

Technova Technology Solutions was established with the view of assisting SME (Small-Medium- seized enterprises) and other macro-organizations in developing and optimizing their infrastructure to ensure that the run their business efficiently and effectively.

Mission Statement
  • Development of quality affordable systems.
  • Bringing information to the public through.
  • Aligning IT solutions to our customers' business perspective.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be a well recognized ICT services provider within the borders of South Africa and beyond.
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Making a better world through technology

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